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I’ve worked for years in New York City, in management, in diverse industries and work environments. Like many graduates today (especially graduates with liberal arts and humanity degrees), I understand from firsthand experience what it means to struggle to find your direction in your career. I am finding my career satisfaction in helping others discover where to drive their careers with Cochran Coaching LLC.

In terms of my professional experience, I’ve worked for a company at the top of the Fortune 100 list. I’ve worked for the President’s Office and Development department of a college in New York City. As a graduate of higher education, I have a personal understanding for where students are. My work experience is broad: I’ve both worked for an online advertising company with a tech culture, I’ve worked for a traditional public relations firm with a roster of clients on the Fortune 500 list, and I’ve managed a museum in the non-profit space.

Cochran Coaching LLC

Zachary M. Cochran is the Managing Member of Cochran Coaching LLC. Zachary has coached individuals in various industries and environments, including: entrepreneurs, tech employees, museum personnel, college students, and more. Zachary is a certified career coach and possesses SkillScan’s Career Driver and Express Certification (CDEC). He works with clients in New York City and in the Washington D.C./Baltimore/Annapolis (WBA) area. Zachary’s formal coaching experience began in 2009 when he coached business strategy students who were running $100+ million-dollar businesses in simulation, and they achieved success as global finalists in the CAPSIM Foundations Challenge.