To find your career bullseye approach, you need to understand and operate in your areas of interest, skill, and values.

Approach Integrating Career Preferences
Even knowing this approach though is not sufficient to know where to drive your career. For a comprehensive picture, one must understand both the positions they fit, based on their interests and skills, and what is a good culture fit within an organization, understanding their personal traits, ideal work environment, and values.
Approach Skillscan's Assessment Framework
I provide clients with the tools they need to assess these areas, and then follow up the assessments and exercises with coaching. This entire process takes about four hours.

If you’re my client, I give you a 20-minute skills assessment to determine your transferable skills and strongest skill sets. This self-assessment increases your awareness regarding the skills you possess and grows your vocabulary when describing them. The results empower you with knowledge regarding which skills you should focus on and use in your career, which skills need development, and which skills you will want to avoid.

I also give you exercises to understand the other four components to career direction: your interests, your values, your ideal work environment and your personal traits (a.k.a. personality).

Once you have completed the assessment and exercises, I debrief you on your results, which include a ~10-page report on your skills. In this safe environment, I help you understand your results through an explanation of the report and a series of questions designed to probe deeper at where you should take your career.

Many clients stop there, but for maximum benefit, you can choose to invest in yourself with additional coaching sessions. These sessions will further deepen your understanding of your career direction, creating a strong foundation from which to take steps toward a meaningful career

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