For Employers

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, but how effective they are directly affects your bottom line.

For employers of companies who develop employees by providing them with transferable, skills-based career coaching have more effective, motivated, and happier employees. This happens through discovering their professional “bullseye” or “sweet spot” within their position, or through discovering the role they should have within your company.

When you bring me in, I start by administering a powerful self-assessment of your employees’ transferable skills. From those results, I can see the skills they need to use in their role, but are only moderately proficient in. I then help them to develop those skills through coaching using Socratic-Style Questions and a Habit-Formation Approach. I also assess what is frustrating you about each employee and work through those items with them throughout the coaching sessions.

This approach is different for several reasons: organizations tend to focus more on cultural fit within an organization (think personality assessments) than position fit. I focus primarily on position fit by coaching your employees to better understand their own skills sets, what they’re passionate about, and what they value. This is their “meaningful work” of meaningful work. This method is clever because it gets past the guard of employees that dislike critical feedback about their performance. When their assessment results reveal areas where the employee needs development, it’s easier to accept because the assessment is a self-assessment.

Change only comes through internal motivation. Since the assessment results often validate what an employee already knows he needs to work on, it creates a powerful case to motivate him to develop the skills he’s not highly proficient in, but needs to improve to excel in his role.

Whether you are sorting through employee dilemmas with the Millennial generation or not, the proven methods used will provide you and your employees with the intelligence you need to create change for the betterment of your organization.

Benefits for Companies/Employers:

  • A cost-effective, FAST, and insightful skills assessment that engages employees in their career development
  • Employees become motivated to change in order to excel in their role
  • Employees learn how to apply and optimize strengths in current positions and to evaluate future best-fit options
  • Employees acquire a skill language for communicating their strengths in development plans
  • Integrates results with Holland-based interests, Jungian-based personality themes, and work place values
  • Offers a skill taxonomy that aligns with most competency-based models

Benefit your Employees by:

  • Identifying their greatest strengths and preferences
  • Leveraging their skills in their current or future position
  • Planning enrichment and development opportunities

Get your employees out of a rut and transformed into a highly effective workforce. Intrigued?

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For Employers

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