For Universities

Universities have a daunting task: Resourcing the entire student body with career support.

You aim to provide your students with as much help as possible in a condensed timeframe. What’s worse, students dismiss the help at universities…until they’re close to graduating and scrambling in their career hunt.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an ally, especially during crunch time? When you bring me in, I come in at NO COST to you. Simply put me in front of a group of your students and I give them a career direction presentation. If students decide they want further individual coaching following my presentation, they or their parents hire me. When they tell their friends about how helpful it was, you’ll have requests to do it again.

Not only will you be better equipping your students, but you’ll have an ally on your behalf to your faculty, your President’s office, and your student development team for a greater investment in Career Services. Because I am of the Millennial generation, I can speak their language and translate it for clear communication on both sides.

Benefits to Career Services Department:

  • Provides greater bandwidth to become more effective to the student body
  • Provides upcoming graduates with more resources at NO COST to the university/college
  • Provides a reputation boost through enhanced career enrichment and development opportunities
  • Provides an ally for communicating with and serving the Millennial generation

Benefits to Students:

  • Acquire descriptive language for leveraging their skills in resumes and interviews
  • Understand the transferability of their skills to career options
  • Identify skills needing development to enhance career choices
  • Increase their self-awareness and self-esteem

Take your Career Services Department to the next level, and look like the hero that you are.

Check out my approach and contact me today.

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Invest in yourself with career direction coaching.

For Universities

Help your students find their career direction.