Career Coaching Testimonials

My clients see the tremendous value the assessments and coaching has for them and their careers. I’ve worked with a broad range of individuals: from a solo entrepreneur creating her startup out of a passion project to an employee at a Fortune 500 company looking to discover what’s next in his career. Here’s what my clients are saying in these career coaching testimonials.

Steph L. Career Coaching Testimonial

When I booked my phone consult with Zachary, I needed clarity in my next steps. After thousands of dollars of investments hadn’t provided the solutions for my company’s problems (and bottom line), I hired Zachary—mostly to help me find my footing as I ran the company.

Zachary helped me realize that my lack of drive to overcome challenges was the real reason my company was over budget and behind on our product launch initiative. More importantly, he saved me from blowing up 8 years of professional investment by showing me I didn’t have to leave my company to become engaged again.

The most important thing about Zachary is he tells the truth—in a gracious, but penetratingly intelligible way. I could not recommend his consult more highly. A ‘must-have.’

Steph L.
Los Angeles, California

Alex W. Career Coaching Testimonial

Zachary is super talented at leading people through the process of thinking about their careers to discover and stay within their sweet spot. He has been coaching me for years. Most recently, our sessions led to increased clarity for me regarding what my needs are in a job. Now I am confident I know what is and is not required for me to be happy and engaged in my position and company. I feel a huge debt of gratitude to Zachary for his help. You will likely find yourself coming back to Zachary for help time and time again, as I have.

Alex W.
Tech Industry
New York City

Kevin F. Career Coaching Testimonial

Currently, I’m on a full time job search, and working with Cochran Coaching has helped me get a better grasp of what my next steps should be. Whether it’s helping me think of which people to network with, which interview questions to ask, or even how to talk about my strengths, this process has been invaluable considering how much it’s helped me. I feel more focused and confident when applying for positions than I ever have in my 10+ year professional career!

Kevin F.
Menswear Professional
New York City

Jonathan B. Career Coaching Testimonial

I can say with confidence that after taking the SkillScan Assessment Tool and reviewing the results with Zachary, I’m one step closer to finding my passion and turning it into a career. Through our coaching sessions, Zachary used relevant real-life examples and profound analogies to make sure I had a solid understanding of the results, which provided tremendous insights for me. Additionally, he masterfully weaves the data into key strategies that can be readily deployed for improvement within a current role or to prepare for a career transition. Lastly, Zachary is a man of high character, who stands by the quality of his work and truly believes in the power of this tool to transform your career journey.

Jonathan B.
Consumer Packaged Goods industry
New York City

Corey H. Cochran Career Coaching Testimonial

Zachary has a keen ability to not only understand complex career-oriented problems but is able to break them down into a manageable size that helps one better understand what direction to pursue in life. One of the major benefits of working with Zachary is that he was able to help me sift through and understand what really matters in the long run when it comes to work/life balance, career path, and life goals. Because of his guidance, I am able to confidently work towards my next step in my career with a better understanding of what I want out of life.

Corey H.
Structural Engineer
New York City

Gabe W. Cochran Coaching Testimonial

After one session with Zachary it’s clear that he possesses great wisdom and discernment in general, but especially in regards to how our work connects with our life. He was able to help me clear the mental fog of worry and doubt concerning my job hunt, and his guidance helped me realize and appreciate the skills I already have. The SkillScan assessment was also incredibly helpful in providing clarity and direction in a time where I felt like I had none. Thanks to Zachary for putting me on the path to meaningful work!

Gabe W.
New York City

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